Water Damage Repair


When it comes to water removal and restoration services in Fullerton,  you don’t want just anyone treating the water problem. You need a team of experts that are certified and where you know you can count on.  We work hard from the very fist call we receive from you.  We can access what will be equipment will be needed before we reach the property.  We then deliver immediate results to save your home or business from extreme damage.


Flooded Home or Basement 


Water damage can very quickly cause a lot of damage to your home or commercial building.  Most insurances will cover the cost of water damage and mitigation but they require the policy holder prevent further damage by documenting everything that has occurred to the property. We will properly help you document all the needed information for all of the insurance filing. We are insurance claims specialists when it comes to restoration and we work directly with YOUR insurance company to help ease your burden.

Water Damage Specialist

Water damage from appliances that failed or from heavy rains, or from broken water pipes, water damage in your home can quickly take its toll and leave devastation in its wake. Water damage not only weakens a building’s infrastructure that it invades, it also creates an optimal breeding ground for mold, bacteria and other hazardous organisms.  This type of an environment is detrimental to your family’s health and well-being. This can be especially true if you live in one of the many older homes located in the Fullerton City area.  Many older homes can already have structural issues, adding water damage in conjunction to this can be a recipe for disaster.  Water damage can also cause electrical sparks that can lead to fire damage of the property.


The best and quickest way to deal with water damage in your home is to immediately seek our water mitigation services from Fullerton Pro Restoration. Our Remediation experts have the tools, resources and specialty to not only eliminate water issues and saturated areas, but know how to deal with any negative effects that water damage brings with it.


At Fullerton Pro Restoration we are capable of dealing with anything, with all types of situations caused by water damage. Whether it be a flooded basement caused by broken pipes, bad storms, or failed appliances such as a leaky dishwasher or a broken washing machine, we at Fullerton Pro Restoration have you covered. We’re highly accomplished at pinpointing the full extent of the damage and properly assessing its level of severity.  This allows us to implement the right water repair solutions for viable remediation.