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Bathroom Remodel


Fullerton Pro Restoration is a California contractor that specializes in bathroom remodeling.  We offer affordable prices and great service for bathroom renovation projects.  Our abilities allow us  to give your bathroom a new look and really boost it from where it sits today.  Our planning and remodeling methods along with our professional team of bathroom remodeling project managers, designers, electricians, plumbers and installers allows us to completely transform your bathroom into a well thought out beautiful space.


A bathroom remodel can make for a big impact on a home’s comfort, aesthetics and not to mention, increase your home’s resale value.  In order to have a really good bathroom remodel with your own ideas and features that will work for your space, it should also fit within your budget, while still offering the functionality and style you desire.  We can provide and offer solutions for any space limitations and help you consider the right materials and fixtures for your bathroom.  In order to do this we begin with a full breakdown of details on everything the project will need.  This is so that together we come to an agreement of what is going to help create the bathroom remodel of your dreams. From the get go we want to have the plan in place and have it coincide with our processes.  This will help keep a nice and steady flow of what’s to come and help ease any concerns regarding costs associated with a successful bathroom remodel project.  


In addition to delivering on a successful bathroom remodel we want to use premium plumbing fixtures such as Kohler and American Standard.  At Fullerton Pro Restoration we can offer everything from stock line solutions all the way to custom top level vanity cabinet products. We of course will also help with countertop options to choose from.  Everything from granite to quartz countertops, to give your bathroom project the look and feel you desire.


When hiring Fullerton Pro Restoration you can know that all of your questions, concerns and ideas will be listened to and responded to throughout the entire process.  Our goal is not to just provide you with a beautiful and functional bathroom space but to also provide a clear piece of mind.  We do this while still exceeding your expectations.  Additionally, we can offer home improvement financing for all of your bathroom needs. Please feel free to call us anytime at 657-297-4279 or get in touch with us by filling out our online request for a FREE estimate.  We are happy to schedule a free onsite bathroom remodel estimate, explain all the options including products and prices.  We certainly appreciate you considering Fullerton Pro Restoration and hope to work on your bathroom remodel!

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